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4 Essential Bike Maintenance Tips

Similar to cars, bike maintenance can be a hassle but it is crucial to keeping your bike working in tip top shape and prevent any major repairs down the line. Here are four quick maintenance tips to get you started. 

1. Store your bike indoors

it is never a good idea to keep your bike outdoors constantly. This is because when left outside it is exposed to elements such as rain, snow and even sun which can cause bike parts to rust and break down. The best option is to store your bike indoors as much as possible. Using Totem Pole Bike Rack and Stand allows you to hold up to 6 bikes while keeping your garage organized.

2. Keep some supplies handy

There are several supplies you may need to maintain your bike properly. But as a necessity, you should have these four supplies on hand at all times. 

• Bike pump: Having properly inflated tires is critical to avoid punctures. As a result, you need to have a bike pump with you at all times to inflate a flat tire.

• Allen Wrench: Your Allen wrench or Allen key is important to tighten loose bolts and screws. 

• Chain lube: The bike chain is one of the most important parts of your bike, and easily one of the parts that needs the most lubrication to prevent excessive wear and tear.

• De-Greaser: This is vital when cleaning to remove water insoluble substances like grease and oil from your bike parts. 

3. Do a safety check

It is important that you carry out a safety check before every ride. Make sure to do the following: 

• Check the pressure in tires. 

• Check tires for dirt stuck in threads.

• Check that the sets and other quick release parts are firm.

• Check your brakes and ensure that they grip when you squeeze the brake handles. 

• Check bike suspension by compressing and releasing to make sure that it responds correctly. You can add air with a shock pump of needed. 

• Check the tightness of moving parts like the pedals, seat bolts and Handlebar bolts using a wrench.

• Check the wheels and rims for loose spots.

4. Carry out monthly maintenance

Each month or after a particularly bad ride in the rain or mud make sure to conduct a special maintenance process. Wipe down bike with a clean damp rag. Clean the chain with a degreaser. Apply lube to the chain and cassette and wipe off excess lube as it attracts dirt. Lube the brake and gear cables as well and also the suspension when it applies. 

In addition to these maintenance tips, ensure to put your bike in the hands of professionals once or twice a year for a well-deserved tune up.