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Best Bike Trails in the United States

There are so many excellent bike trails in the United States, enjoying yourself in the open and exploring new things is part of cycling.

Here is a list of some bike trails in the US for every biker to explore:

1. Longleaf Trace

It is located in Hattiesburg, Miss. It is entirely suitable for all bike types. Longleaf Trace provides 41 paved miles of biking on any bike. When you get tired or need a break or drink, there are rest stops you can find in every five miles along the trail.

2. Farmington Canal Heritage Trail

This is located in New Haven, Conn. With a distance of 81 miles, it is suitable for all types of bikes. It is an extensive paved trail for people of all ages no matter the bikes they use. The 81-mile trail is completely free from motor vehicles. There are lots of towns along the way for stops for food or drinks.

3. Medicine Bow Rail-Trail

It is located in Lake Owen, Wyo. It has a distance of about 21 miles best suited for mountain bikes. This trail is set firmly at more than 9000 feet.

4. East Bay Bike Path

This trail is located in Bristol, Rhode Island. With a distance of 14.5 miles. It is suitable for all bike types. Biking at East Bay is exciting. You ride through the trail with no worries about the hills or anything else.

5. Ohio to Erie Trail

It is located in Cleveland, Ohio, with a distance of 262 miles although it's expanding. It is suitable for hybrid or mountain bikes. The towpath spans from Cincinnati to Cleveland. There are plans to increase the trail by another 200 miles.

6. Des Plaines River Trail

This trail is located in Lake County. It has a distance of 31 miles best suited for hybrid or mountain bikes as well. It is an old down home country trail along the Des Plains River in Lake County. There are no reasons to cross a road because of the bridges and underpasses.

7. Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park

This trail is found in Stockton, New Jersey. It has a distance of 70 miles, best suited for hybrid or mountain bikes. It is a 70 mile linear State Park with wooden bridges and cobblestones.

8. Eastern Trail

This trail is found in Kittery, Maine, with a distance of 65 miles suited for all bike types. From Kittery to Portland, Maine, the road is paved. This trail is a part of the East Coast Greenway, which leads to Key West.

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