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Cycling Benefits For Children And Families

Cycling is an exciting and healthy experience for children and families. The idea that the family that plays together stays together makes more sense than you might think. Cycling is one of the most physically involving exercises there is.

Cycling gives a child their first vehicle and their first taste of independence. A parent naturally feels some fear when they see their child disappear around the corner of the block for the first time. The benefit of the experience is a real life lesson for both parents and child. The parent learns how to release control and the child learns to be independent in a responsible manner.

Cycling allows your son or daughter to experience nature, animal life, and their community up close and personal. Cycling as a family offers much more than just the physical benefits of cycling, a day trip or even an overnight excursion allows the family to have the quality time together that is free from interruption.

The physical benefits of bicycling together are tremendous. You can avoid the health complications that excess weight produces when you have daily or weekly family bicycle time because it stretches and tones every muscle group in the body. Clean air is an advantage the cycling offers to many.

Cycling puts you in a good mood. Exercise produces a chain of chemical events in the body that provides higher levels of the hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin has been proven to improve a person’s mood in multiple clinical studies. You get along better with each other if you bike together.

Everything worth doing requires that you meet some challenges. The most common challenges to enjoying the benefits of cycling are bicycle storage and transport. A bike carrier that fits your vehicle or a family bike rack that can carry all of the bikes your family needs is a must to get to the best places to ride.

You also need to consider bicycle storage in your home. You need a unit that can safely and securely hold all of the family bikes in a small space that can be secured.

Totem Pole Bike Rack has engineered a universal bike rack, a family bike rack, and a bike carrier that fits your family’s needs exactly. The Totem Pole Bike Rack is made by bicycling lovers and known for durability, ease of assembly, and support of the family bicycling experience.