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Differences between conventional bikes and electric bikes

At this point we are sure you have already heard about electric bikes and their advantages but perhaps you have not ridden any yet. What we are trying to do with this article is give you some guidance on this topic, by mentioning some of the differences between conventional bikes and electric bikes, so you can identify exactly what they are all about, and choose the one which fits better with your needs. Read carefully, let's start.

Electric bikes vs conventional bikes

The first thing you will notice about e-bikes is in fact their weight. Even though they’re not as heavy as a motorcycle, most e-bikes have an excess of 50 pounds which is pretty heavy compared with a traditional bicycle.

Average mountain bikes weigh about 25 pounds. The weight of an electric bike makes it much harder to carry from one place to another as, for example, on stairs. It also makes it harder to pedal and stop. However, most people don’t pedal on e-bikes when they are riding them.

When you are riding a push bike, generally one acts a cyclist and tries to avoid any heavy traffic and intersections on the streets. If you are riding to and from work on an ebike it actually takes less time to reach your destination than it would in a car, due to the fact you can keep up with the traffic and avoid traffic jams quickly.

Another big advantage of electric bikes (or bikes in general) is that you can grab a drink or two with friends after work and you don´t need to ride it back home. You could take your bike and walk it home instead of riding. You cannot do any of these things if you are driving. And also, you don't need a license to ride an e-bike.

If you think it's time for a workout, then you would love riding your push bike, in almost any place you want. On the other hand, an electric bike is more like having a car or a motorcycle, which is an advantage. 

What we think is that choosing between bikes and electric bikes depends on the use that you want to give them. If you need a vehicle to transport yourself in a faster way without reaching extreme speeds and avoid any traffic jams, an electric bike is probably one of the best options. On the other hand, if your intention is to enjoy some rides in places like for example parks or short avenues with your family, or getting some exercise, I'm sure you won´t regret buying a push bike.