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How To Choose The Right Bike Rack

Sometimes, your preferred biking trails can be over 50 miles from where you live and your car might not be spacious enough for your bike. A bike rack will be the best for such a situation. There are so many bike racks in the market today. This makes it a little difficult to choose an appropriate one. Whenever you want to purchase a bike rack, be it a family bike rack or a bike carrier, there are certain important features to look out for. 

A good rack should be compatible with all kinds of bikes. It works as a universal rack that can fasten all kinds of bike. This is necessary because most of the bike racks available are selective. Each of them is compatible with only a certain brand of bike. This does not make economic sense. You don’t always have to change your bike rack each time you change your bike.

A good bike rack should offer easy loading and easy setup. While it takes an average of about 15 minutes to load bikes on your car, a few racks take less. You should search for one of the few brands that offer easy loading. An outstanding bike rack has the ability to take up 6 bikes of different sizes and types. Most racks available do not have such capabilities. 

A good rack should be very durable and rust resistant. Remember, it may begin to rain on your way back home from one of your mountain biking sessions. 

A good brand that offers all the features mentioned above is Totem Pole Bike Rack. This rack takes just 6 minutes to load and it can fasten up to 6 bicycles of different types and sizes. It is also super easy to set up. This is about the best bike rack. Despite all these great features, its prices are reasonable.