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Let's mention some types of electric bikes

In this article we are going to mention some of the most common types of electric bikes. There are a lot of different types of e-bikes out there, but this time we are going to mention the most popular ones. In this article we hope to give you some guidance so you can make the choice that fits best with your requirements and needs.

In any case, you should consider that it could be really easy to transform an existing bike into an electric assist bike. There are a lot of after-market e-bike conversion kits on the market which will allow you to turn almost any bicycle into an e-bike, according to your needs and your budget. 

Electric Bikes and Motor types

Hub motor:

This is the most popular motor for e-bikes, and you could also buy it in order to transform your conventional bike into an electric one. All you have to do is replace either the front or back wheel with one that has one of these popular motors, and after that you will need to run the wiring to the motor controller and also the battery, which is located on a mounted rack or on the lower part of the frame you would normally use to put your water bottles. You can choose a pedal sensor or a throttle to control the whole motor as well.

Mid drive motor:

This is not as popular as hub motors, but it's a pretty cool system. This will not require the replacing of a wheel, but you will need to tie a motor to a frame which was not designed for carrying this stuff. This can be a bit tricky and is not suitable for all bikes. These days there are more e-bike conversion kits available in hub drive than mid drive, but availability of the latter is on the rise for sure.

All-in-one wheel kits:

This is one of the best solutions on the present days. Some brands like Super Pedestrian and FlyKly are working on this form of conversion kit, which just requires the attachment of a new wheel and a small frame controller on your bike. These kits have the advantage of keeping the bike super clean and good looking. In any case, due to the fact that they need a specific technology, if your kit needs any kind of maintenance, you will usually have to send the system back to the manufacturer instead of taking it to a bike shop. This system is currently so new that it is not yet readily available for purchase everywhere. 

Friction drive:

Friction systems are the least popular system for electric bikes, they involve a motor-controlled roller which is attached to the seat post above the back wheel of your bike. The roller is placed on the wheel, and adds some propulsion through friction with the wheel itself. This is a very simple system which could be more popular shortly.

Hope this information could be helpful for e-bikes enthusiasts and if you need transportation for your electric bike, check out our universal bike rack that fits up to 6 bicycles or e-bikes.