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Reasons you should cycle

There are numerous benefits to cycling! We all need an exercise program and it is a matter of personal choice. However, exercise should bring you a mental boost as well as numerous health benefits. Have you tried cycling? It is an increasingly popular activity that is good for any age. What are some benefits of getting that Co2-wheel machine out and climbing on?



Cycling with a friend is always fun. You can plan on a specific riding time or take a day with a specific route and plan for a coffee or lunch. It is a great way to get time in as well as having fun. You can even invite several friends to your cycle party and enjoy something different and have time well spent.


Take in Nature

We often don’t notice nature the way we should. There is nothing more beautiful than looking at your surroundings. Passing beautiful scenery is a great way to calm nerves, clear your head, and just enjoy!

Even if you carefully cycle in the city, you will be able to take in the sights, smells and sounds of a metropolitan area. It is exciting. 


Mental Health

Many of us are prone to holiday depression, or seasonal light disorder. Cycling will combat those feelings of melancholy. The mental health professions often advocate getting into a program that will not only help your mind, but at the same time, benefit your body. It gets us out into the sunshine with a good dose of Vitamin D. 


You Help the Environment

Fossil fuels are killing the air we breathe and damaging the earth. Can you imagine having the opportunity everyday to play your part in the fight for the environment by using an emission free sort of transportation. You will make the investment of the cycle, but the cost will be recaptured in saving gas, insurance, repairs and the environment will thank you for it.


Cutting Down Commute Time

You can often save time by using a cycle. Getting stuck in traffic is no fun. You can save money parking. You also have total control of your time. You are not forced to take the same route and in total control of the directions you take. 


Overall Health

Exercising with a bike brings super health benefits. Weight loss, muscle, and helps to stretch muscles. You should always check with your doctor before starting the use of a regular cycle program.


Use It For Any Fitness Level

You don’t have to be in super shape to use a cycle. Even if you have not got on one in years, you can start out with a short distance and build your endurance.



Many people prefer to bike to work, which is a great stress reducer. 

Lots of folks ride everywhere. City planning often incorporates bike paths on streets and parks to meet that need. Take advantage of these utilities. 


Help You Feel Young

Cycling is like running. Those endorphins are released in bursts and the neurotransmissions give you a real boost. You will wonder why you never started sooner!


Join a Fundraiser!

Bicycle races are a popular way to raise money for charity. There are always races to enjoy. Give back to your community and have fun!