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A Family That Rides Together

The incredible story of family love, adventure, and finding a community wherever you are, the Kjar (pronounced “care”) family has undertaken the adventure of a lifetime, traveling across all 50 states in 52 weeks. Taking on late nights trying to find open restaurants, watching each sunset with wonder, and exploring the nation’s best bike trails along the way, the family’s mission is to discover “What Makes us United.” They started...

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6 Stretches to Prepare For a Ride

Beginner to experienced cyclists alike know the aches and pains that arise during and after a hard ride. And aching legs are just the beginning - back pain, sore arms, and a tight neck and shoulder are frequently part of the game. But serious cyclists push through the aches in order to get up that hill and to not lose momentum on the long final stretch. If you want to...

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Tips for Teaching Your Child to Ride a Bike

If you love riding, then you probably can’t wait to share that excitement with your children! Long days of riding in the great outdoors, stopping for picnics and making great memories together as a family. Getting your bikes to the best trails around is a snap with our bike hitch mount, so you have that part covered. The hard part is actually teaching your kids to ride in the first...

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