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The Universal Bike Rack

The Totem Pole Bike Rack is a vertical bike rack that can accommodate up to 6 bikes at a go. It applies a simple concept that can work with any type of bike – regardless of their size and form. Considering the way people park their bikes in the garage, this bike carrier is designed to be attached to the body of a vehicle so as to enable easy transportation of the bicycle(s) carried on it.

Whether they are tricycles, recumbents, kids bikes, bicycles with fat tires, step-thru or wave bike frames, a Totem Pole Bike Rack can accommodate them all, unlike other horizontal hang-style racks that are type-specific. For easy bike storage, the rack can be folded down without even requiring any need for a crossbar adapter. Only a strap is needed to hold the bikes down after stacking them together.

In a bid to protect your bikes from getting off balance, this efficient bicycle rack features thoughtfully placed rubber loops and bumpers and also comes along with a sturdy steel design aimed at providing adequate protection. Even your car is not left out, a strong horizontal brace serving as the backbone to provide strength and support to your bikes has also been made available. So when on a rough or bumpy road, you’ll always be confident that your car is protected from scratches and other damages.

Totem Pole is an efficient family bike rack that works pretty well for any size of bike. Whether you have a family of cyclists or a group of casual bikers, this is the bike rack to trust. Even when this bicycle storage is fully loaded, you can still gain easy access to the hatch window or trunk of your car, as it is designed to swivel out to allow users access their car trunk.

No doubt, this hitch mounted bike rack is the perfect solution for a family or a small group of cyclists with a range of bikes. It provides easy loading and transportation of bikes even in the fastest possible way. In fact, no other bike rack has ever made the job of loading and unloading six bikes as easy as this.

Whether you are going on a long or short trip, this bike and ebike rack can provide you with all the support you need to transport 6 bikes in less space. It supports a total weight of about 200 lb comfortably. This amazing bicycle storage offers enough room to avoid undue interference among bikes that can cause damage.

Handlebars are set away from each other in an alternating pattern at the opposite sides while bikes rest on each other with the front tires thereby offering them a simple kind of natural cushioning from damages.