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Tips on Finding the Right Helmet

Many of us love to keep active lifestyles, even throughout the colder fall and winter seasons. While going for a bike ride is more difficult with slippery roads due to rain and snow, it definitely makes for an exhilarating ride. The trouble with riding is first, finding a comfortable helmet that fits snuggly on your head; and second, making space for the bike in the garage after a tough ride. The last thing you want to do is ride on wet roads with a helmet that doesn’t fit properly and putting even more energy towards lifting the bike up to ceiling racks or trying to hang them on the wall. With Tote'm’s vertical rack and these helmet safety tips, you can overcome both challenges.

Vertical Rack

First, tips on finding the right helmet


There are a variety of bike helmets that allow you to ride through town or on an easy trail with your family, pick up the pace and race with a road bike, or find a challenging mountain to climb.

  • Recreational helmets: Perfect for a variety of activities, this type can be used for easy riding, racing, and mountain biking.
  • Road bike helmets: This variety weighs less, has enhanced ventilation, and an aerodynamic design.
  • Mountain bike helmets: Designed to breathe even at low speeds, these helmets commonly have visors, rear-head coverage, and a firm fit.

Helmet Features

Depending on your desired activity, find a helmet with features that will make riding easier, enjoyable, and most importantly, as safe as possible.

  • Vertical RackVentilation: With higher air flow, ventilation keeps you cool when you’re riding. If you’re looking for a lighter helmet, try to find one with more vents.
  • Visor: If you live in a sunny area or mountain biking is a popular activity, a visor may be beneficial to keep the sun out of your eyes and to help protect from wind. They do, however, add a slight weight and wind resistance.
  • Straps: Be sure the straps are easy to adjust to give you a better fit and feel tight and secure when buckling the straps.

Find the Right Size

An important part of finding the right helmet is choosing the correct size for your head. Use a flexible tape measure or a piece of string and a ruler to measure the largest part of your head, about one inch above your eyebrows. When shopping for a helmet, look closely at the sizing on each helmet. If you are in between sizes, choose either a smaller size, or wear a breathable hat under the helmet to improve the fit.

Make it Fit

Adjusting the helmet is another important step. It should have a snug fit, but shouldn’t be too tight. Allow it to sit level on your head and avoid letting it tilt backward. Most helmets will have a sizing wheel to adjust the internal sizing ring. Next, adjust the chinstrap. The straps should create a V shape under each ear. When the straps have been adjusted, open your mouth wide and the helmet should press against the top of your head.

Second, use Tote'm’s vertical rack for easy bike storage

With our innovative vertical rack design, the bike rack and floor stand allow you to quickly put away your bikes with ease. Store up to six bikes by simply hanging the bikes from the stand and you’re ready to go! Quickly and efficiently travel with your bikes if you want to explore further around your home and then come home and quickly put your bikes away again. Whether you’re a road cyclist, mountain biker, or a family who rides together, the vertical rack makes it all easy. Shop for your vertical bike rack and start enjoying those cool weather rides!