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What To Look For In a Kid Friendly Bike Trail

Wherever you call home, it’s important for the whole family to get outside and get active. Bike riding is a fantastic family activity that is fun, easy, refreshing, and most importantly, cost effective. But when you have young children in tow, especially those who aren’t quite confident on the road yet, it can be a little scary hitting the trails. If you’re looking for a trail that the whole family can feel comfortable on, here are some things to consider. If you need a bike rack mount to travel to those farther away trails, learn more about Tote'm Bike Racks’ 6 bike rack.

6 Bike Rack

Is the Trail Flat?

If you live in a more hilly area, this can be a challenge; and even though riding up hills is a great workout, it might not be as enjoyable for younger kids. Try finding a trail that is as flat as possible or with rolling hills that will be easier to climb for the youngsters.

How Long or Short is the Trail?

Even though kids will always say that they can handle a longer ride, when they’re tired, they’re tired. It can be a job trying to convince them to keep chugging along when they're thirsty, legs are tired, the helmet doesn’t fit right, and they want to go home.

Are There Clear Signs?

For more confident kids who know they can handle a more strenuous ride, but you still want to keep an eye on them, ride the trail ahead of time to see if there are clear signs. Intricate trails that merge with other roads or fork in different directions can be a maze for those who aren’t familiar with the area. Clear, readable signs that kids can follow without question will ease your mind.

Is There Any Traffic?bike hitch carrier

Not all bike trails stick to pleasant roads that run through forests or fields, some are right against bigger roads with more traffic or cross highways or larger two- or three-lane roads. If you live in a heavier traffic area or are planning on riding in a busier area, have a plan ahead of time for how you will cross these roads. Will everything cross together? Will you stop and walk your bike across?

What is the Terrain?

Has the trail recently been paved with a line down the middle? Or is it a rough, gravel road that requires a little more stability when riding on it? Even a mix of both terrains is possible for many trails and young and older riders alike should be aware of what the terrain on the trail is like.


When going for a leisurely ride, no one wants a trail that leads through a manufacturing community or a busy highway where it would be difficult to communicate with each other and a view that’s not very pleasant to look at. Try to find a trail that has some pleasant scenery such as a forest, field, or even a residential area that has large sidewalks.

The perfect kid-friendly trail may be around the corner from where you live, but if you have to drive a little bit to reach your favorite trail, make sure you have an easy-to-install six bike rack. Tote'm Bike Racks’ hitch mount rack easily attaches to your vehicle and your whole family can be ready to go within minutes. Even last-minute decisions to check out a new trail can work into the schedule with our bike rack with hitch mount. It may have been hard for your family of six to all ride together in the past, but order a six bike rack and your family will be biking every weekend.