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The simple design leads to three simple answers as to why the Totem Pole Bike Rack® is the new and improved way to transport your bicycles!

Totem Pole Bike Rack ®

by Up Right Designs LLC, the revolutionary patented design carries up to 6 bikes and allows for easy loading, maximum transport and easy stow!

Up Right Designs is pleased to announce our new product launch for 2016 – Our Mission: “Best Bike Rack on the road and in the garage!”! 

The Totem Pole Bike rack, Model TP6 has new and improved support cradles to ensure optimal protection to your bicycles on even the longest of journeys.  We have also included a tilt down feature for easy access to the trunk of your vehicle along with a compact carrying case for your Totem Pole Bike Rack when not in use.  

Additionally, we are excited to release the new Totem Pole Floor Stand! Transform your Totem Pole Bike Rack for transport, to an easy to use storage solution for the garage!

Easy To Install!

 Our simple six bike rack design allows for quick and easy installation

• Quality materials and craftsmanship

• Logical steps with 3 main components and 3 support bars

• 6 total pieces, 6 easy steps


Easy to Store!

Compact stow away when not in use

• Optional Floor Stand for stationary storage of bikes

• Fits in narrow area, which allows for minimal storage space

• Imagine your garage with enough space free to park your car!


Easy to Load!


Can carry any size bicycle, and any combination at one time

• No adapters required for girl bikes and other radical frames

• Load process is as simple as hanging bicycles from wheel rims

• Load 1 to 6 bicycles with a simple alternating pattern

• Support bars ensure secure mount during transport

• Expected load/unload in just 6 minutes or less

• Oh yeah, did we mention it will handle up to six bicycles!  



 U.S. Patent No. 8,931,671 issued January 13, 2015
European Patent No. 2598378 issued November 26, 2014
Canada - Patent Pending