Totem Pole Bike Rack

$ 399.99

Product Description

Totem Pole Bike Rack ® by Up Right Designs LLC, the revolutionary patented design carries up to 6 bikes and allows for easy loading, maximum transport and easy stow!

Up Right Designs is pleased to announce our new product launch for 2016 – Our Mission: “Best Bike Rack on the road and in the garage!

The Totem Pole Bike rack, Model TP6 has new and improved support cradles to ensure optimal protection to your bicycles on even the longest of journeys. We have also included a tilt down feature for easy access to the trunk of your vehicle along with a compact carrying case for your Totem Pole Bike Rack when not in use.

  • Easily carries 1-6 bikes
  • Fast load/unload times
  • Easy Assembly - Fits into 2" Receiver
  • Stores Compactly in Trunk
  • Solid Steel Design
  • Carries All Frame Sizes and Styles
  • No Adapters Required
  • Top Bar is Rubber Lined to protect Rims
  • Durable Powder Coated Finish
  • Top Bar Swings Down for Convenience
  • Extra Padding on support bars for the positioning of the 1st and 2nd Bicycle
  • Top support bar has set back start point for first bike for spacing of bikes with large discs brakes
  • Tilt down rack to access trunk
  • Rear wheel cradles to secure and space bicycles
  • Carrying bag included for storage of rack when not in use. Take the carrying bag with you to store your gear (i.e. helmets).
  • Optional floor stand for adapting the Totem Pole Bike Rack® from transport to stow!