Vertical 6 inch extension

$ 59.99

Product Description

Add this 6 hitch extension to easily carry your bikes.

  • Add this six-inch hitch extension to your vehicle if you have a low hitch and/or a long bicycle.
  • The extension is quick and easy to install.
  • The extension helps you to carry bikes easily and efficiently.

Do you need extra height because you have a low hitch and/or a long bicycle? We have the solution to your problem. The 6-inch hitch extension will be a simple addition to your Totem Pole Bike Rack®. It can be challenging to transport multiple bikes when you have a smaller vehicle or longer bicycles. Don’t worry about not being able to bring all of your bikes; with Totem Pole, you can easily install the extension and the bike rack and free up space in your garage.

  • Made of quality material

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